Poker Tables:
11 Tables
Closed (5:00pm - TBD)
Minimum Age:
12:00pm - TBD
5:00pm - TBD
5:00pm - TBD
5:00pm - TBD
5:00pm - TBD
5:00pm - TBD
12:00pm - TBD
OrangeJimmy wrote a review about Peaks in Dallas, TX

Nice room, inexperienced dealers

The room is very nice with great amenities and cheap drinks. Everyone is friendly and made me feel welcome. The only downside is some dealers are inexperienced at basics like shuffling, dealing without exposing cards, and making change in the pot. Hopefully they improve over time.

Food and Drink
  • Thank you for coming to our Grand Opening $3K GTD Freeroll yesterday. The event was a huge success and the feedback has been phenomenal! We especially enjoy hearing direct suggestions and comments so we can improve. Peaks is focused on constantly hiring, training, and improving staff members so we can exceed members' expectations. We are running the same type of tournament next Saturday and I would love for you to come back for some more action!

Announcements from Peaks Dallas

Another fantastic week at Peaks for both tournaments and cash games alike.

Members love our weekday cash game meetups 7p-10p. Take advantage of our promotional offer; $10/hour club access fee for these awesome meetup games!

The daily weekday $60NLH Tournaments played every night with pots $700-1,000. We are now upping the Guarantee to $1K! Our Saturday 45 Member free-roll paid $3,070 to 7 cashed spots. Sunday's $130NLH $2K GTD. paid $1,350 and $650 first and second place! Cash games played huge throughout the weekend (TX $1/2 is crazy) with deep stacks and big pots.
Come and check out the only private club in Dallas with card tables, a full bar and lounge, and a beautiful Design District location. $15 Monthly or $150 Yearly Memberships. First hour of Club Access is free for first time members!

8/6 Freeroll Tournament: $0NL, $3K guarantee, 54 max
Cash Games starting at 12p
1:00-2:30p: Tournament Registration, Lunch, Cash Games
2:30p-6:30p: Tournament, Cash Games: All tournament entrants receive an hour of free Club Access Fee when bust
6:30p-close: Prizes Awarded and more Cash Games

8/7 $130 Sunday Tournament: $130NLH, $2K GTD, 27 max
Cash Games starting at 12p
5p-6p: Tournament Registration, Cash Games
6p-10p: Tournament, Dinner: All tournament entrants receive an hour of free Club Access Fee when bust
10p-close: Cash Games

**New members: valid ID and debit/credit card are required for Members

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Great Room

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Warm vibe

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Looks Amazing

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Cleanest and safest place in DFW

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Fake Reviews

All these reviews so far are fake and from employees/investors/partners. This place is more of a social club instead... Read More

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peaks cardhouse

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