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Wiccat13 wrote a review about Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, NV

They really want to move the World Series Here?

You know everytime someone says they want to run The World Series of Poker from PH instead of Rio because Ceasars Entertainment is trying to sell Rio, I cringe! Sometimes you wonder why Ceasars Entertainment would not favor poker seeing when World Series of Poker is running they are making money?
I recently played a 7pm tournament at PH and Wow how bad were table talk, phone use, swearing, disrespectful treatment by players to dealers, I was appalled. I said something.
My first table two drunk people kept table laughing but disruption was bad. Showing cards to other players dealers kept warning them. Swearing and answering the phone just was crazy. It was a circus! They broke our table I was happy but only briefly the next table, guy throws his cards at the dealer then swears at him. I stepped in finally and say stop these dealers don't make enough to be treated so poorly the guy then called me the C word. I told the floor but he was knocked out before anything else. But it is a shame a hotel and casino trying by holding wsop satellite series and trying to get the Big one would allow this behavior.

Before Ceasars throws the WSOP to PH they better get there act together. It's a big deal.
The people from other countries see this behavior and think it we all aRe ok with this..we are not!

Sorry for rant
bit upset!

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luksuk wrote a review about Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, NV


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