Poker Tables:
11 Tables
Closed (11:00am - TBD)
Minimum Age:
11:00am - TBD
11:00am - TBD
11:00am - TBD
11:00am - TBD
11:00am - TBD
11:00am - TBD
11:00am - TBD
SSnyder wrote a review about Poker House Peaks in Dallas, TX

Go All-In for this Room

This is a beautiful room with excellent ownership, friendly staff, and good action. They have high-quality equipment, a full service bar, clean restrooms, and ownership has free food brought in when they are featuring one of their main games on Monday, Wednesday, & Sunday. Did you catch a bad beat or just need to step away from the table for a minute? Check out the table games in their lobby or pull up a seat at the bar to drink away your sorrows. I enjoy their Monday 1/2 game with the option to join Jason's Game which is an awesome deep stack 1/2 game for those that are up to the challenge or just want more action than your standard 1/2.

  • SSnyder,

    We love having you as a member and seeing you at least every Monday! Thank you for your support and we hope to expand our membership even further in the coming weeks!

Announcements from Poker House Peaks

🎉Poker House vibe is BACK🎉
Now operating inside of Peaks Dallas!

The Poker House you've come to love is now back in Dallas and looking to make a splash.
Stay tuned for updates we are bringing back daily tournaments, promotions and member specials.


1 hour $13
5 hours $55
10 hours $100

Tuesdays : Eric's Game Final Table

Thursdays 7-11PM : OFC's $5/5 $1,500 (MTS)

Fridays 11AM - 3PM : Not Mark's $1/2 Round of Each (Hold 'em and PLO) $1,000 MTS (50% MTS)

Fridays 7-11PM : Benji's $5/10 $1,000-5,000 (MAX)

Sundays 7-11PM : Hayden's $2/5 Round of Each (Hold 'em and PLO) $1,000 (MTS)

Along with our daily games be sure to check out these action-packed games!
Mondays 7pm : Benji's $5/10 NLH (no straddles) $1,000-3,000 (MAX)

Tuesdays 7pm : Benji's $5/10 NLH $1,000-5,000 (MAX)

Fridays 11AM : Not Mark's $1/2 Round of Each (Hold 'em and PLO) $500-1,000 MTS (50% MTS)

Peaks is the only private social club in Dallas with ping-pong, foosball, shuffleboard, card games, board game

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DubKing wrote a review about Poker House Peaks in Dallas, TX


Manager made the claim "he called clock on you" on the river when I snap raised. The player he said called clock on... Read More

  • DubKing,

    We appreciated getting to know you the few times you were in last year. It is always a pleasure to talk...