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DubKing wrote a review about Poker House Peaks in Dallas, TX


Manager made the claim "he called clock on you" on the river when I snap raised. The player he said called clock on me stated he never call clock on me. Another player claimed he called clock on me after it became clear I was calling his bs. Said played also did not call clock on me, but even if he did it wouldn't matter bc he was out of the hand. Prior to asking the first player if he called clock on me, he managed to state I was called clock on by 3 different players, all of which said they did not and the person that did was trying to deescalate a situation that tjat wasn't a problem. I got frustrated bc this manager blamed 3 different players for calling clock on me, but all 3 said they did not. Again, I snap raised and left no time for anyone to even be able to call clock on me.

He stated, "I respond the second I hear someone say clock" except couldn't answer why he didn't show up when I tried to call clock more than once on another player the hand before. Apparently he couldn't hear me when he was 7 feet away from me, but was able to hear the person that clearly said they never called clock on me allegedly call clock when he was closer to the bar.

I tried to talk to him about it, but I did strongly disagree, where he then refused to talk to any further, called security over like it I was being loud or an @#$% (which I was not. I was disagreeing, but was not rude to anybody).

I also said our opinions don't matter bc the cameras will show the truth regardless of what we think or say. "The cameras don't have audio" (after telling him the owner has corrected table action several times in front of me" turned into "I don't have access to the cameras".

I requested, 11 times, he check the cameras bc what he claimed happened did not happen, IMMEDIATELY UNDER A CAMERA. They said I was escalating and being an @#$%, which I said (again, check the cameras) bc we disagreed and you didn't like being called out, but my tone did not increase, I wasn't an @#$%, and I didn't escalate, all of which were also immediately under a camera, though he refused to access the camera.

He then tells security to remove me and the security comes up to me trying to act hard while I explain I'm frustrated, but I'm not angry nor mistreating anybody (beyond insisting on him checking the cameras that prove everything he said was false (if everyone, except 1 person at the table, saying that isn't what happened; also in front of a camera; didn't happen), also on camera.

Then he tried to get the pretty female at the front to come and ask me "why I'm being this way" and "I should just leave". I made it clear "because he made 3 separate statements about me that are easily proven or disproven by checking the cameras, but he refuses to check the cameras".

Why wouldn't you check the cameras if I was a wrong? Why did I call for floor twice and for time 3 times the hand before, but a player called time on me (even tho I snap raised, even though said played stated; also in front a camera; that he did not call time on me like manager claimed?

Either you're right or I'm right. I don't understand why you would refuse to check the cameras, then say you can't check the cameras, then said the cameras don't have audio, then say you can't check the cameras again, then ask me if I want to play poker or leave, all while security is talking @#$% like he gonna put his hands on me (at t his point point I'm already aggravated and told him to call the police, put his hands on me to remove me, or shut his @#$% mouth).

Well, didn't call the police, remove me, or pit his hands on me, bc I was the 1 of 4 remaining calm and not talking @#$% nor escalating my tone.

An apology and referral to speak to the owner or at least a higher manager would've been fine, but mf wanted to argue over things that were in front a camera, refused to look at the camera footage, then tell me to leave when the entire table said that's not what happened, except the 1 person trying to end the problem.

Then stated he knew me bc he knew my name (which is on player card) and he knew something about what I do for a living (even though this was the first time I showed up out of uniform).

I love the owner, but this is exactly why I go to shuffle instead of here. Never had a problem at shuffle, poker house, or literally anywhere but here, but I guess I'm the problem

Fucky personal opinion, watch and listen to the footage. Fire that manager though, absolutely no clue why a manager of a poker house would refuse to check cameras or be left in charge of a facility they didn't have access to the camera for.

Go to poker house Dalllas. Disgustingly, you're better off there

  • DubKing,

    We appreciated getting to know you the few times you were in last year. It is always a pleasure to talk about our non-profit mission as well as the family connection to Peaks and the personal reasons for why we opened this social club. Thank you for your service in the medical field, particularly with children.

    That being said, we reviewed numerous cameras from the evening in question and would be happy to share this footage with you and discuss the situation at your convenience. Our floor manager did a great job moderating the game and a specific instance between you and another member, which I believe you are trying to describe above. Additionally, to ensure we investigated this situation fully, we spoke with the other members that were at the table at the time and they did not agree with your recount of the events from the evening. Some of your reviews of other businesses are quite accusatory as well, and I encourage other readers to take the above story with a grain of salt.

    I understand you are a regular at the other locations you mentioned and they might be a better fit for you and what you are looking for.

Announcements from Poker House Peaks

🎉Poker House vibe is BACK🎉
Now operating inside of Peaks Dallas!

$40,000 bad beat (Quad 7's)

Hourly High Hands from Noon - 6PM; Spin the Wheel and win up to $300!

Flush Frenzy from 6PM - Midnight; get all 4 flushes in 6 hours and win $1,500!

Free membership for all Active duty military, Veterans and First Responders

1 hour $13
5 hours $55
10 hours $100

$500 Guaranteed Freeroll every day at noon!

Wednesday 7-10PM: Rec-Stake's $1/2 with $500 max

Thursdays 7-11PM : OFC's $5/5/10 $1,500 (MTS)

Friday 11AM : Not Mark's $1/3 Round of Each (Hold 'em and PLO) $500-1,000 MTS

Sundays 7-11PM : Hayden's $5/5 Round of Each (Hold 'em and PLO) $1,000 (MTS)

Peaks is the only private social club in Dallas with ping-pong, foosball, shuffleboard, card games, board game

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DubKing wrote a review about Poker House Peaks in Dallas, TX


Manager made the claim "he called clock on you" on the river when I snap raised. The player he said called clock on... Read More

  • DubKing,

    We appreciated getting to know you the few times you were in last year. It is always a pleasure to talk...