Poker Tables:
11 Tables
Open Now (11:00am - TBD)
Minimum Age:
11:00am - TBD
11:00am - TBD
11:00am - TBD
11:00am - TBD
11:00am - TBD
11:00am - TBD
11:00am - TBD
dcadaoas wrote a review about Poker House Peaks in Dallas, TX


I've played here a couple of times on their stream. I was very pleased the 1st time. Owner (Eric) was in and was very involved with the room and engaging to me. Stream went well and decided to come down the next week. Was raining good, so texted Eric to let him know I wouldn't be early as planned but maybe right on time. Noticed he had texted me to alert me that there was a marathon being ran in his area and traffic to his parking lot was not allowed. He gave me directions to parking near Peaks and upon arrival, there was an armed escort with an umbrella who waited for me and walked me to room. Later in the evening, the young man came back to the stream room and got my fob and moved my car to the Peaks parking lot. Exceptional service!!

Peak's also had dinner brought in both nights I was there. They offer complimentary snacks and sodas/waters. I do not drink, but a few players were enjoying some very nice looking cocktails that came often and quickly.

Dealers were nice, knowledgeable and efficient. I think a lot of times dealers do not represent the rooms they work for very well when they play. Not the case here. I had the opportunity to play with Eric and sit across from him on my 1st stream. He was very enjoyable and engaging, while quietly smashing the game. Terrell dealt to us on the 1st stream and arriving to my 2nd stream, I was greeted with a fist bump from Terrell turned Ghost. He was also a great pleasure to play against.

While I haven't played any regular cash games here, both times I was at Peaks there were 3 full tables going in the main room. I highly recommend this room. I also noticed that upon entry, they have ping pong, foozeball and some other things in the bar area that players can keep busy at while waiting on a seat.

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Announcements from Poker House Peaks

🎉Poker House vibe is BACK🎉
Now operating inside of Peaks Dallas!

The Poker House you've come to love is now back in Dallas and looking to make a splash.
Stay tuned for updates we are bringing back daily tournaments, promotions and member specials.


1 hour $13
5 hours $55
10 hours $100

Along with our daily games be sure to check out these action-packed games!
Tuesdays 7pm : Benji's $5/10 NLH, $1,000-3,000
Fridays NOON : $1/2 Round of Each (Hold 'em & PLO)

Thursdays 7-11PM : OFC's $5/5 $1,500 MTS
Fridays 7-11PM : Benji's $5/10 $1,000-3,000
Saturdays 7-11PM : $1/2 $500 MAX
Sundays 7-11PM : $2/5 $500-1,500

Weekday's at NOON : $1,000 GTD Lunch Time Tournament $60 entry + $20 One-time Access Fee
Tuesday at 6:00 PM : $5,000 GTD Eric's Game! $100 entry + $30 One-time Access Fee
Thursday at 6:00 PM : $5,000 GTD Eric's Game! $100 entry + $30 One-time Access Fee
Friday at 6:00 PM : $2,000 GTD Double Board Bomb Pot $60 entry + $20 One-time Access Fee
Saturday at 6:00 PM : $10,000 GTD Deepstack $200 entry + $50 One-time Access Fee

Peaks is the only private social club in Dallas with ping-pong, foosball, shuffleboard, card games, board games, chess, a full bar, arcade games, and so much more!

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DubKing wrote a review about Poker House Peaks in Dallas, TX


Manager made the claim "he called clock on you" on the river when I snap raised. The player he said called clock on... Read More

  • DubKing,

    We appreciated getting to know you the few times you were in last year. It is always a pleasure to talk...