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TheCaptain wrote a review about Red Rock in Las Vegas, NV

Action available

A lot of action (and by action I mean literal action at the table along with a general hubbub within the room) on weekend, predictably more sedate and less ram-and-jam during the week and during the day. Overall, a pretty well kept room, nice accoutrements, qualified staff, list well-managed, managers approachable, dealers solid. One of the better off strip rooms and definitely the only real place for NL or non-Hold 'Em on the far west side. Many of the other local "chain" rooms (Station and Coast) are full of local limit games, this is not the case here, although limit poker is still available.

Despite being filled with mostly locals, the quality of play is often suspect. A modicum of patience can pay off.

I don't generally see a lot of misdeals, poor pitches, etc. Nor is there a lot of griping. There is some, but that's the case these days everywhere. I'm getting a little sick of hearing about the 'bad economy' and everybody acting like they're maand pa Joad crossing the country in a jalopy. You have enough money LEFTOVER to be playing poker, stop your moanin' I says.

I don't notice the waitresses unless their beautiful (Wynn), old and serving house liquor (Caesar's), or some other obviously noticeable trait. The ones here seem competent if a little slow. Supposedly the casinos are cutting down on cocktail staff across the board, times are tight for them too and they're using it as an excuse to trim. It's not that they mind paying the girls, it's that with less women on staff the players have to wait longer between drinks and therefore consume less alcohol. Scrimp to save is the motto. If you want at least a pretty fair assurance of getting a "real" drink, order a bottle of beer, least that way you know what you're getting (although rumors persist that casinos even find a way to water these down).

They handle volume with aplomb on the weekends, trying to keep games moving and lists are called with regularity. They open new tables, spread non Hold Em, and are often seen around the room consolidating games and making sure things are running smoothly. High marks here.

Average compared to the other off Strip properties is still pretty fair if you know how to use 'em and play consistently at a given room. Station casinos are customer-friendly and technologically savvy. You can swipe right in at the table.

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