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pokerjoker wrote a review about Red Rock in Las Vegas, NV

Chilly Times at Red Rock

The room is very easy to find next to the Sports Book. 20 tables all spaced out decently, some tight fits here and there but nothing to complain about. They have food and bathrooms right next to the Poker Room but in terms of bathrooms, its pretty small, only one stall and urinal. I had to go find the bathroom in the Sports Book when it was packed on a Friday Night.

The usual local fare. A bunch of tight rocks who don't raise much and fold and then the usual fish who likes to raise with nothing and suck out on you. Nothing you wouldn't find on the strip.

I wavered on this catergory because their are some really good dealers and then some really bad dealers. For the bad dealers, lots of exposed cards and misdeals. I think they have dealers from all the Stations properties because of all the different uniforms that the dealers are wearing. Would like to go higher on this rating but can't with what i've seen so far. Hopefully it improves as times goes on. Dealers did ask just about everybody if they had a boarding pass which was good.

They were quick and fast but a few of them forgot peoples orders which made them wait longer then they should have. I actually got ID'ed for ordering a coke from the poker table and was kind of taken aback by that. First time for that.

Management was quick to seat people and to make sure that seats were getting filled as players moved in and out. I didn't like the fact that they didn't have chip runners and forced the dealers to be the runners on the break. Lots of yelling for chips and fills by the dealers.

All i know is you give them your boarding pass and that's about it. Have yet to find out what you get for all those hours you play except for the freeroll tourney that everybody is trying to get their hours for.

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