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chzwiz007 wrote a review about Red Rock in Las Vegas, NV

Decent place, rolling some good games

This is my goto place here in Las Vegas. Self parking is always a breeze, and it is only 15 minutes away from my house. Most of the places on the strip are a bear to get in and out of.

The decor could use an upgrade, or just a good scrub, but it is not run down by any means. 10 handed tables with a basic cup holder. The chairs are on casters and adjustable. They are comfy unless you are sweating. I would prefer cloth seats instead of the vinyl.

My last visit was Saturday the 27th. Started around 5pm and lasted until midnight. They had a full house except for 1 or 2 tables. It was pretty busy and it took a while to get a seat. I was able to get immediate seating while waiting for a 4-8 holdem to open up. There were something like 2 or 3 2-4 tables and 3 4-8 tables. They had an active omaha 4-8 also. There were several 1-2 NL holdem tables and a few 2-5 NL holdem tables.

Play is very loose on the 4-8 holdem. Expect to be show J5 off suit to bust your aces. The majority of the time more than half the table calls to see the flop, even if it is raised. It is some of the loosest play I have seen anywhere.

Late in the evening a NL table hit the jackpot. The bad beat got $40,000 and the winner got $20,000. Everyone in the hand got a grand. On top of this they gave every active table $1000 in $25 chips to distribute as a $50 pot sweetener until all the 25 chips were gone. I was able to get a couple of them, but it was an ugly situation. @#$%, play was loose anyway. Now with the sweetener the pots got out of hand and it was no foldem holdem for the entire table.

They have another promotion going on until New Years. Every hour they pick 2 tables to receive a packet of chips. If you win the next hand you get the contents of the packet. It can be anything from $25 to $1000. I haven't heard of anyone getting the $1000 yet.

All in all the Red Rock is a good place to play poker. The staff tries hard and the players are decent people for the most part. Even if they can't play worth a @#$%. This is not your place if you like tight play. So get in there and jam it up with that J5 off suit.

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