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Bullitt5135 wrote a review about Red Rock in Las Vegas, NV

Great place for Omaha Hi-Lo

Room was really clean and well lit. Tables were clean and chairs were comfortable and adjustable, with additional booster pillows available on request. Plenty of space between tables. Tables in the front of the room have a great view of the huge monitors in the sports book. Plenty of plasmas around the room. Restrooms conveniently located in back of poker room. All in all, great look, feel & vibe. One of my favorites in Las Vegas.

My play was limited to two (4 hour) sessions of $4/8 limit Omaha Hi-Lo with a half kill (action went to $6/12 after a player scooped a pot of $60 or more). Almost all of the players were older locals, with a few younger grinders thrown in. The locals were mostly pleasant with good personal hygiene, but a bit on the quiet/business-like side. Not much on conversation or humor, though not a bunch of low lifes like at, say, the Orleans. Overall, the play was VERY passive. Not a lot of instances of people trying to make a move, or action getting wild on bluffs or draws. Generally, these rocks bet it if they had a made hand, and otherwise check-called with weaker hands and draws. Even the grinders were extremely patient and easy to read. Several fish rotated in and out of the game as well, spreading the joy. My winnig hands typically got paid-off, sometimes by surprisingly weak hands. If you have an average or better understanding of playing solid O8B, this is en extremely comfortable competition level. I was $250 winner at my first 4 hour session, and a $70 loser at my second 4 hour session. The second session got short-handed (after 3AM on a Thursday), so the action slowed and the pots got smaller. If you like o8B, I'd recommend going out of your way to get to this room.

I'd say good to excellent. Dealers were efficient, very good at keeping control of the action, and fast/accurate cutting up multi-way pots -- not the easiest of tasks in O8B. Most were on the friendly yet business-like side. None were grumpy or unprofessional (or overly yappy for that matter). I really don't recall any significant mistakes, other than the occasional flipped card on the deal.

Very attractive and pleasant waitresses who seemed efficient at working the room. I'm not a big drinker when I play, but it seemed like there was always a waitress close by when I was looking for a bottle of water.

Excellent, based on speed of getting a seat, cashing in and out, etc. Also, there was one instance where I made a dumb mistake while heads up against another player. I had flopped two pair with a weak flush draw...the river brought the flush (no low)...other player announces "I've got the nut flush" and shows his hand. Since it was late and I was really tired, I announced "eh, small flush" and turned my hand face-up on the table. Seeing the nut flush, I tossed my cards face-up to the dealer, who then put them in the muck. At the other end of the table, another player said "hey, that guy (meaning ME) made a boat on the river." Without hesitation, the dealer called for the Floor. He said that I had correctly turned up my hand but inadvertantly misread the board -- he described the action as it happened, adding that he erroneously mucked my hand without verifying the winning hand. The floor manager clarified the house rule that "cards speak", and since I had correctly shown my cards face up on the table, that he would have security review the hand. As it turns out, the video was inconclusive, and the pot was correctly awarded to the other player. I was impressed with the dealer's and floor's handling of the situation. They calmly explained the situation and the rule, and made a ruling within a couple minutes (while play proceeded). The dealer was apologetic to both of us for overlooking the board, and the floor apologized that their camera did not have a clear view of my hand. I also give props to my opponent, who kept his composure despite my stupidity. The episode reinforced my belief that this is a classy, well-run room in terms of both the staff and players.

N/A, since I din't sign up for the players club. The dealers always asked for the players card when a new person joined the table.

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