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bowlingfool wrote a review about Red Rock in Las Vegas, NV

great room!!

table spacing is great. lots of room to walk through. love the fact that they have a restroom just for the poker room.

played late on a Sunday night, so most were decent locals playing. not too many drunk tourists in the room trying out "that poker thing we see on T.V...."

since players are "swiped in" at the table, not the desk, dealers were good about asking for a player's rating card when they first sit down. only made a couple of mistakes with handing back change from the pot, but they were easily corrected.

OMFG!!! the 3 waitresses I saw roll through the room were all smoking hot!! the casino must've had a "cleavage requirement" when they hired these ladies cuz all 3 were just about busting out of their uniforms. On top of their appearance, they were quick and came around very frequently, even for a seemingly slow Sunday night.

the lady at the desk was curt but polite and ran the list very well. the floorman who came over to handle a "high hand" award that hit our table when a player rivered a Royal Flush was quick, efficient and friendly. the only knock is the weird design of their desk which has them standing around with their backs to the front of the room. When I first walked up, I approached the counter and couldn't get anyone's attention. It was then that I realized it was the BACK of their work area and I had to walk around the end of their station to get up to their computerized list. The computerized list is AWESOME!!

one player at my $1/2NL table hit a "high hand" jackpot when he rivered a Roayl Flush. I was really impressed with the speed in which he got paid, probably only took them 10-15 mins. Was mildly shocked when then never even bothered to have the dealer count down the deck or re-sort it to make sure all 52 cards were there. They just looked at the board and the player's hand. Said "Congratulations" and started with the paperwork. Sweet!!!!

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