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Frank wrote a review about Red Rock in Las Vegas, NV

Right mix of nits and maniacs

This room is right off of the west garage valet, so it's nice and convenient. Starbucks is located about 100 feet from the room too (a big plus for me). Tables were in pretty good shape, but the chips (like in all station casinos) are very sticky for some reason. The room had a nice feel, but was a bit cramped for me.

I was pleasantly surprised to find weak competition here. I played 4/8 and 5/10 LHE on a Sat. afternoon here. I instantly brought the average age of the room down a few years when I walked in, but there were just enough 21-year old maniacs in the room to keep everyone happy. I didn't come across one strong player in my 9-hour session.

There were no mistakes or ruling issues, but not much personality, either.

Apparently, each waitress is assigned a table. When I heard "coctails!" and summoned the waitress over, she said, "I'll tell YOUR waitress to get it for you," and of course, she didn't. Average speed in service, I guess, but I missed the rounds twice because of the "your waitress" thing. When I ordered a water and a coffee and tipped a buck, the waitress seemed a little annoyed. I guess she wanted more.

Cordial, but never really dealt with them much. They got me on the list and opened our table when 10 names went up.

Typical stations comps: about a buck an hour up to seven hours per day; BB jackpot; the "great hands give away" bing board, $500 for a royal, and the freeroll hours thingy.

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OJPOKER wrote a review about Red Rock in Las Vegas, NV


Yeah, sounds like the room isn't the problem. Look inward. Maybe you will see the real problem. I don't play there... Read More