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azpoker wrote a review about Red Rock in Las Vegas, NV

Worth the Drive POKER HEAVEN

Brand new room, tons of variety and action games, 19 of 20 tables full at 3pm on Saturday. Shufflers and electronic seat/table tracking system to fill seats fast and keep dealers from yelling. Easy to read electronic waiting list and a kiosk for fast self-serve signing up. You can see all games available in a couple of seconds instead of waiting to ask supervisor.

The players appeared to be locals, loose and with money too burn. They didnt stall games like some rookie players at the strip casinos. The room has a large jackpot. I generaly don't like extra money coming off the game for these. But here with this kind of action its fine with me.

Great dealers, personable, and no problems after 3 hours of play

Same quality as dealers, always around and decent drinks

Seem attentive to everything, except when you approach podium their backs are facing players. Both the cashier and person watching the room management computer can't really help anyone. They need a sign to direct players to self-serve sign up.

I dont really consider jackpots comps when their taking extra money from the pot. I used player card at the table and other players said $1 an hour cashback which would be average Vegas stuff.

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