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dollj98 wrote a review about Rivers Des Plaines in Des Plaines, IL

One of the Worst Ran Rooms I've Played

I have played in over 60 card rooms in the country and this room is #1 the worst and least player friendly. Where to start?

First, you cant call in or register to play cash on the Bravo app. You have to be physically there. They also give players 10 minutes to show up to the game.

Second, say there is 13 people on a list for a new game and you are 10th. They call the first 9 and after 6 minutes only two people show up. Usually you can just sit and play. Not here! They will not deal you in even if it's clear you will have a seat.

Third, if you have your phone resting on the table, the dealers and staff treat you as if you committed a felony. No clue why they offer USB chargers at the table if you cannot sit the phone on the table.

Fourth, they have some of the highest times rake games I've ever played. $11/half for 5/5plo is hilarious.

Fifth, if you bust out and a chip runner comes to collect your money for a rebuy, you cannot play until the chips are in front of you. 99% of the country has lammers so you can continue playing. Not here!

Sixth, no run it twice, no bomb pots, no gambling for timed rake, no rabbit hunting.

Seventh, every floor has a massive stick up their backsides and huge egos.

I was very much looking forward to playing here but won't be back. Highly suggest you play elsewhere. Common sense seems to be really lacking amongst the staff. Every dumb rule is blamed on the IL Gaming Commission. In my experience playing live poker over 13 years (15k+ hours), when the staff starts blaming gaming commission, they are completely full of it and disconnected from what their player pool wants. It probably starts at the top.

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kriso86 wrote a review about Rivers Des Plaines in Des Plaines, IL


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