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Old Gamer Dad wrote a review about Rivers Des Plaines in Des Plaines, IL

Soooo loooong to wait....

It's a really nice room but, wow, do you have to wait a long time for a seat. I have 2 kids at home so my poker hours are usually weekends after 8 pm. I've been 3x to Rivers as it is closer to me than any other room and sometimes I will go to the rotating Rockford Charitable Games poker if it's close to me. I am more used to playing in a room dedicated to poker ( Ex-Vegas resident) so I feel more comfortable than playing in hotel ballrooms and shuffling my own cards.

Anyhow, 1st time there I got on the list at 8:21 and got called for a seat at 11:57!! The following 2x I also waited over 2 hours for a seat and there were open tables!! I understand the shortage of dealers but no shortage of players and there were tables with open seats. I started timing how long they would wait before they pulled a name off the list. Once they called a player for a 1-3 seat and there were 67 names on the list and didn't call another name for almost 30 minutes to fill the seat. The dealer even called out for a seat fill because players at the table wanted more action. 15-20 min to wait if the player didn't show up. Give them 5 min and move on!

You should allow players to call in and make a reso, give them an estimated time and let them wait at home or go to dinner since there is no meal break either.

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