Poker Tables:
7 Tables
Open Now (10:00am - 5:00am)
Minimum Age:
10:00am - 5:00am
10:00am - 5:00am
10:00am - 5:00am
10:00am - 5:00am
10:00am - 5:00am
10:00am - 5:00am
10:00am - 5:00am
csergeant wrote a review about Sahara Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV

Impressive Work Ethic

I am impressed beyond words at the stunning work ethic and humility shown in the Sahara Poker Room tonight. Picture this: It's Grand Opening Night, a Friday, and part of the strip is closed due to a Presidential visit...4, count them, FOUR dealers call in/call late because of the road closures and rather than watch players sit around waiting to play, the ROOM MANAGER rolls up his sleeves and sits in the box to get cards in the air! This man, Steven Pique, is a fine example of what poker management should be. He, as well as the other wonderful floor people I met, did not hesitate to put the guests first and do what needed to be done to get things handled.

For anyone who is not familiar with how the poker industry works; staffing can be incredibly difficult as it is a delicate balance between having too many dealers(in which case the dealers make hardly enough money to survive) and too few dealers(leaving the room short staffed) so when you schedule just enough, it hurts when there's an incident beyond your control that messes things up.

I look forward to returning to this friendly, accommodating, comfortable, well lit, well staffed, energetic, and diverse room. What a great place to play poker!!

Promotions and Comps
Food and Drink

Announcements from Sahara Las Vegas

Professional Football Squares!
15 hours = 2 squares!
2 squares splashed after each quarter!
10/18 - Bills-Titans
1st Q = $100
2nd Q = $100
3rd Q = $300
4th Q = $300

$3,000 Player Appreciation Tournament - Saturdays at 12:00p - Now EVERYONE gets paid!!
$3,000 paid to final 10 players!
1st place = $500
Minimum payout = $50 - $100

15 hours = 5,000 Chips
20 hours = 10,000 Chips
30 hours = 20,000 Chips
40 hours = 30,000 Chips + $50 Cash!!
50 hours = 40,000 Chips
60 hours = 60,000 Chips
70 hours = 80,000 Chips
80 hours = 100,000 Chips + $100 Cash!!

Double hours 11a - 1p, 3p - 6p, 8p - 10p Daily!

**Our nightly tournament will be suspended during the WSOP**
Daily @ 12pm
$60 NLHE Rebuy - 10,000 chips, $20 rebuys and add-ons!! 20 min levels.
$750 guarantee!

Sundays @ 11am
$80 O-8 / Stud-8
$750 guarantee!

**2-3 No Limit Hold em**
We have our deep stack 2-3 MUG happening every Thursday at 7pm!!
$600 buy in. No cap.
Bomb Pots, Straddles, Re-Straddles. A great time!

Ask our supervisor for details on MUGs!
Players can earn $2 per hour while logged into a live cash game. Our Poker Atlas comps can be used at every restaurant including Bazaar Meat and Starbucks!

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timp wrote a review about Sahara Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV


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