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10:00am - 4:00am
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PokerAce wrote a review about Spades in Webster, TX

Action packed room but...

1/3 games play like 5/5 games. Action is fast and furious but I have a major gripe with this room. As soon as I sat down I noticed the cards that they were using were marked. You don't have to take my word for it. Next time you play there look at the backs of the cards. The number one rule of playing cards is that backs have to be uniform. I'm not sure if these decks come like this or if after several uses the paint starts coming off causing the problem. After a half hour of play I could pick out two of the cards if my neighbors had them or if if they were dealt to me. Anyone putting in the time could figure this out. And my eyesight isn't 100% but even I could pick out the imperfections. I was watching the other players to see if they were looking at the backs and I was fairly sure no one at my table was cheating. Management probably didn't do this by design but they should step up and buy some decent decks. I've been going to casinos and card rooms for over 30 years and never saw cards like this.

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Food and Drink

Announcements from Spades Poker House

♠ Happy Hour $5 an hour from 6am - 2pm
♠ FREE daily entry 3am - Noon
♠ Club rate only $10 hr

♠ We have the pleasure to bring our first series to our community.
Eight Events spread over 10 days
Dates are September 29th - October 9th.

♠ We kick it off on Thursday September 29 at 6PM with Event 1 a $10,000 Guaranteed
S150 Buy-in with Re-Entries PLO tournament
♠ Event 2 Friday September 30 6PM $10,000 Guaranteed $150 NLH Single Re-Entry
♠ Event 3 Saturday October 1 at 5PM $10,000 Guaranteed $200 NLH Freezeout
♠ Event 4 Sunday October 2 at 11AM $5,000 Guaranteed NLH $200 Single Re-Entry Seniors
♠ Event 5 Sunday October 2 at 4PM $5,000 Guaranteed Freeroll 8 Main Event Seats will be added to the Seat that first place will get
♠ Event 6 Monday October 3 at 6PM $200 per Team Tag Team NLH Single Re-Entry {Individual Entries will be Allowed)
♠ Event 7 Tuesday October 4 at 6PM $5,000 Guaranteed NLH $80 Single Re-Entry
♠ Event 8 $250 NLH Main Event $100,000 Guaranteed 6 Flights
♠ Flight 1A Wednesday October 5th 6PM
♠ Flight 1B Thursday October 6 at 6PM
♠ Flight 1C Friday October 7 at 6PM
♠ Flight 1D Saturday October 8 11AM
♠ Flight 1E Saturday October 8 6PM
♠ Flight 1F TURBO Sunday October 9 at 9AM
♠ Day Two Restart Sunday October 9 at 3PM

♠ Series Details in the club or on Poker Atlas

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