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18 Tables
Daily: 11am-4am
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sherminater wrote a review about Spades in Webster, TX

Newest and by far the nicest!

I’m happy to be the first to welcome this class act poker room to Houston. I do not know the owners, but am pleased to welcome them to Houston and the Clear Lake/ Pasadena area! If you do not already know it, the poker community is easy going and supportive of poker rooms being successful, so long as they give respect and fairness to the players... remember, the customer comes first!

Best of luck to Rich White and Michael Carr in their new roles with Spades at this awesome new room.

Any (near by) poker room who blatantly puts profits above customers should be put out of business in weeks!!! (especially if not earned profits)

If a jackpot is raked for and then cancelled, but the owner keeps the money that was taken from the players for the jackpot... is not deserving of the Poker communities support. Put that on your Harley and ride it right out of town!

Looking forward to opening day!!! Y’all have momentum on your side... keep it!

Promotions and Comps

Announcements from Spades Poker House

♠ FREE play from 11am - 3pm EVERYDAY
♠ Before 12 noon: $40 ALL-DAY pass
♠ FREE daily entry thru September
♠ Complimentary food menu, beer, soda, water, tea & coffee
♠ Club rate $10/hr

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