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mpz_1980 wrote a review about Spades in Webster, TX

What is going on?

Played 2 tournaments last week. Well run and the management seemed solid. Dealers were mostly very good too - just some minor issues. Came in this week and the management has been changed? Two of the guys arrogantly said the previous manager was fired and they are taking over. One of them was Richard Wright, who I know has been in trouble with the law more than once. In fact, he was wearing an ankle bracelet a few months ago - obviously on parole. Is this the message, the club wants to convey?! That a guy with a criminal record is now in charge?! I hope the club responds but I will NOT be going back unless there is a satisfactory response.

Food and Drink

Announcements from Spades Poker House

♠ FREE play from 11am - 3pm EVERYDAY
♠ Before 12 noon: $40 ALL-DAY pass
♠ FREE daily entry thru September
♠ Complimentary food menu, beer, soda, water, tea & coffee
♠ Club rate $10/hr

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