Sterling Social formerly Empire Poker Club Katy

Poker Tables:
8 Tables
Open Now (11:00am - TBD)
Minimum Age:
11:00am - TBD
11:00am - TBD
11:00am - TBD
11:00am - TBD
11:00am - TBD
11:00am - TBD
11:00am - TBD
dbart1 wrote a review about Sterling Social in Katy, TX

Illegal Game and Location

This place feels shady from the second you drive up. Super dark parking lot, the Tenant Sign still has old name on it. Walked in and Security already notices that you are coming in (good thing) but no security check for weapons. No information given as you walk in, just wonder around until you see cage then ask what is needed to play. You buy in chips, no membership or documents needed so not a private club as required in Texas. No help from dealer on what games were being played, they were playing bomb pot Omaha, 1/2 NLH and Omaha as it went around table. Sit at the table and it is almost ALL employees playing (only 1 table going), I think the owner or GM was playing as well since he gave up his seat to me. Drinks are "free" with a 5$ tip for the bar tender who says her "English is not so good". Had to ask for service every time needing a drink since she would disappear. Filling ice from an igloo cooler. No TABC sticker on any bottle so also illegal. Then playing and they are taking a rake on every few hands (not sure what process was but it seemed random). Rake is NOT LEAGAL in Texas. The employees are basically going All-In on almost every hand (1/2 NLH) with nothing and seem to have unlimited chips even if they lose. The players are actively colluding at the table to say who is going in on the hand (speaking Spanish). Someone mucked a pre flop Ace King suited (flipped on accident) after he saw another "player" go all in. Couple of players were screaming at each other about who was a better player.. Just wrong on every level. Plenty of legit games in Houston, STAY AWAY from this one, you will get arrested as well when they get raided.

Food and Drink

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