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LemonButt wrote a review about Strat in Las Vegas, NV

"The Aquarium"

Right next to the bar and parking. Only thing I don't like is the bathrooms are a decent walk away. There is a half wall surrounding the room so there are always onlookers checking out the games. The chairs are comfortable enough to sit for hours and there is ample elbow/leg room as well. There is a deli not too far away serving food as well as Lucky's Cafe which is 24 hour. I have only had to wait longer than 5 minutes or so for a seat one time when a tournament was running and there weren't enough dealers to form a cash game. There doesn't seem to be a steady number of players every week. Some Wednesdays the 9am tourney has 60 players and one time it only had 22. Same thing with the cash games. 2-4 limit and 1-2 no limit seem to be the only games really going. I have only seen 3-6 limit once and 2-5 no limit once.

Most of the players are so bad they are good. Don't plan on having consistent sessions here, even playing good poker. I have made over $300 in one session playing 2/4 and I have also lost $300 in one session. However, if you can get through the bad beats, you will end up on top in the long run and make money easy. The problem is there are so many players who will play everything to the river that if there is a backdoor possibility, someone probably hit it. Many players make fundamental errors as well, such as not raising with the nuts. The no limit table is a joke. Everyone plays any two cards and overplays them horribly. Often there is way too much money on the table for the stakes. I have seen a $1400 heads up pot in 1-2 when the max buyin is $200 that's how agressive and how often players at the table have rebought. Overall, if you play mathematically sound poker and have the discipline to endure the bad beats and fold your monsters when your beat, you will make a lot of money here.

Most of the dealers started green, but the majority of them have it together. The dealers were locked in to their tables one time due to a staff shortage and Derek dealt our table for 4 hours straight and didn't make a single mistake. On the other hand, there is another dealer who had lost the dealer button on his table: someone put it in their pocket and walked away with it. The majority of the dealer mistakes occur when players try to do the dealers job and get in the way, which is unfortunate.

Were the cocktail waitresses attractive? Most of them are knockouts. I do not understand how anyone can get bad beverage service here. Personally, I rarely tip only $1 since the drinks are free anyways. I usually tip $2-4 per drink and never have to wait. If you order your first drink and tip well right after you order, they will take care of you and you'll be the first one to get your drink when she comes from the bar. I have been to the poker room many times and I'd say half the time I will ask for another drink and they already have one on the tray for me because "they thought I may be ready for another already." Also, if the waitress hasn't been around in a while you can ask the dealer for cocktail service and they will hook it up.

The poker room has recently undergone new management as of the beginning of November so I can't really rate them fairly. The "lower level" floor managers who are still there are always helpful. The wait list is kept on the computer and put on the flat screen.

$1/hr in comps if you have the card. It is not yet computerized, so I don't even bother with it. There are two huge stacks of papers for comps that need to be entered into a computer eventually when they have the technology which drags the rating down. However, the jackpots are excellent. $1 is raked from every hand and added towards the jackpots. They range from $20-$599 and keep building until someone hits them. Hands eligible are quads and straight/royal flushes which brings this rating upto average. I've seen quite a few jackpots hit for big money. There are no bad beat jackpots.

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