The Linq Hotel & Casino formerly The Quad / Imperial Palace

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elkaholic wrote a review about The Linq in Las Vegas, NV

Fun, Well Run Room

Room really wasn't a separate room. It was basically just a roped off area on the way to the Buffet room up on the third floor. It was a little hard to find at first but once directed to the correct escalator was just fine.
Tables had some spots where they were a little cramped getting to certain seats by posts but not too terrible crowded together. the tables were really big! One dealer claimed that they were the biggest in Vegas. this was nice for the players since it allowed for ample room between players but it made it really tough on the dealers trying to reach the far end of the tables. Only other problem was trying to see cards on the table when you were on the end of the table. I saw a lot of people having a hard time reading what the cards were from the ends not to mention try to see what someone turns up on the other end ot hte table.

I would say it was fairly typical Vegas Low-Limit mix of people who had some idea what they doing mixed in with total newbies. typical suckouts ont the river but in the long run was able to make money

Overall dealers were good. Some were better than others and some were worse than others. All were friendly and made everyone feel comfortable

Cocktail waitresses were very attractive and usually very good and quick getting drinks. I usually only drink Miller Lite and they brought it promptly in a a bottle and it ws cold so no complaints there.
the only exception I noted was during the time they ran tournaments the one girl serving drinks was totally overwhelmed. No way she was going to be able to keep up with that many people by herself. When there wasn't a tournament running service was great!

I was set at a table right away every time I got there. Management was friendly and did everything they could to keep tables full. Best thing was when the floor manager had a spare moment he was actively hustling people from the rails and passing to and from the buffet. It worked many times and he kept the tables as full as he could. The only thing that could have been better would have been if the room had been next to the main casino. Who knows how many people he could have coaxed into the games form there!!

IP always had food of some sort on a table in the room along with water and hot coffee. Food was usually cookies and brownies but even that is better than nothing!!!
Comps program can't be beat. Just get an IP players card (you can sign up at their web site and pick it up quickly when you get there) and hand it over when you get there. They comp you $3 per hour of play time which can be used in the restraunts or even off of the room rate if you are staying there.

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