The Linq Hotel & Casino formerly The Quad / Imperial Palace

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5 Tables
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FatDaddyRich wrote a review about The Linq in Las Vegas, NV

Great place to start, better than expected.

I haven't visited many rooms so but I found the IP poker room to be just fine. Yes, a fair amount of foot traffic passes by, a little bit noise from the slots and "dealertainers" but frankly, none of this impacted my game. I'm less annoyed by background noise than that of the player next to you yapping about their vast expertise of poker or the "killer hand" they just layed down. They've got tables, chairs cards, (great) dealers and chips - what else to you need? I'll be back, that's for certain.

During my visits, I found about half (if not more) players to be very readable. It really comes down to the cards one is dealt. You rarely know what someone else mucked or what they "thought" you were playing - it is what it is. Hard to say "how good" other players are. I did witness some agressive play, which was often called and resulted in a dwindling stack for Mr or Ms. Agressive (ha). Good mix from what I could pick up on.

I was VERY impressed w/ the dealers I encountered - wish I could remember all their names. Ryan and Cari (sp?) stood out however ALL were very friendly. Each managed their tables well, constantly coaching you on your options when action comes around to you (helpful for the extreme newbie). Personable, professional and gracious when tipped. Kept the games moving too.

Waitresses were average/above average looking (not like the fossils over at the Mirage - yikes). I seem to think they were around every 15 minutes or so. Management (during my visit) was very good about rounding up a waitress if one was needed or hadn't been around for a while.

Met 2 during my visits - Rick & Jake. Both professional, making you feel comfortable and like a valued customer. They seem to be all about managing that room (and not off BS'ing with a waitress or goofing on the Internet). Quick to payout any jackpots.

I'm more about the poker, no so much the free lunch I may get comp'd after a day of play. I suppose when my comp's accumulate to the point I can get a free room, they might matter but anything less is just transparent to me. Liked the Aces cracked and other promo's. Watched 3 folks get their aces cracked 1 morning, paying out an nice $100 reward to each.

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