The Linq Hotel & Casino formerly The Quad / Imperial Palace

Poker Tables:
5 Tables
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Grind House wrote a review about The Linq in Las Vegas, NV

Great room for a good time

Not everyone is going to like this room, but I loved it. It's a very laid back, friendly place full of players looking to enjoy themselves. It's noisy because it's right on the casino floor, and the dealertainers pit is nearby. But if you have the right attitude, that's actually a selling point for atmosphere. The only complaint I have is that they need new cards. The cards they use are very faded and the tables are very big. I saw more than one player who thought they had a flush when they didn't. Overall, though, I confidently recommend this room to anyone who enjoys a friendly, not to serious game of 2-4.

Maybe I shouldn't rate it as easy since I came out stuck overall over three days. But I kind of got into the loose 2-4 spirit, drank a few more beers than I should have, etc. If you are patient an play good solid poker, you absolutely should make money. There will almost always be at least one person who has never played before and a couple more that "didn't come all the way to Vegas to fold." The exception to this is between 8-11am during the As and Ks cracked promotion when the game is full of locals that play every morning.

Every dealer was very friendly and more than competent. They are very good at making new players feel comfortable as well as chatting with experienced players. I played 10-12 hours over three days and saw one misdeal.

Waitresses came around very regularly. And, if this sort of thing is important to you, they were all very easy on the eyes (of course, I say that in the most happily-married, non lecherous way possible)

Although I didn't interact with management that much, they were very friendly and helpful in answering my questions about the comp rate. It is obvious that they are trying hard to attract people to their room and make sure that every player's experience is a pleasant as possible.

They have tons of high hand jackpots. A wheel you spin if some unlikely things happen between 5pm and 8 or 9 (I didn't play then so I'm not sure if it's bad beats or what). They have regular bad beat jackpots and between 8-11am there's an As or Ks cracked promotion. Comp rate is $2 per hour which can be used at any Harrah's property.

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