The Linq Hotel & Casino formerly The Quad / Imperial Palace

Poker Tables:
5 Tables
Minimum Age:
Acehater wrote a review about The Linq in Las Vegas, NV

Make this your first or last stop of the day

The tables are gigantic and old, the seats are just seats but there is money to be made in this room.

There wasn't a poker player in the entire room. Now granted, there is normally only 1 to 2 $1-2 NL games going on, but still this is a room for newbies and amateurs. Buy-in with $200 and watch how quickly it grows to $400-$500. Early in the morning you will catch the drunks from the night before, late at night you will catch the drunks hoping to make it to the next morning. I don't drink when I play poker and I was tossing them back with the rest of the drunks. Chat up the players, be friendly and then take their chips. This is a good way to close off the night on a positive note. I actually was staying at the IP so I would hit it on the way out the door and catch it before I went to sleep.

The dealers were fine. A few were funny and some mistakes were made but none dealing with payouts or your chips.

Because there are fewer people the cocktail ladies come around very quick. We all have our own opinion on what is attractive, but hey, those drinks sure did come around quick!

There were so few people, it would be hard to mis-manage this room.

I have heard they have good comps. I never bothered with it since I was just playing an hour to start off the day or two to finish it.

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