The Linq Hotel & Casino formerly The Quad / Imperial Palace

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5 Tables
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slackevin wrote a review about The Linq in Las Vegas, NV

the reviews don't lie

Nothing really jumped out at me to distinguish this room as good or's a space with poker tables, in the middle of a loud, busy, (and fun) casino.

I'm a Henderson NV local, and have been playing here in Vegas for about 3 years. Never played at IP before, but gave it a try this past Sat due to all of the favorable reviews on this site. Many drunk tourists, just interested in having a good time....not really concerned about grinding out a win. It was ideal. Ended up losing $ due to a sick suckout, but that's to be expected with such horrible players. (All-in preflop for $440 with AA and got called by a player with $300 holding 10h7d, and he flopped the straight to crack me.)

Dealer made a few mistakes, like misreading the board and pushing the pot to the wrong player, but totally made up for it with friendliness, and ability to run the table in this insane environment and still keep everybody having a good time.

Servers did a pretty good job keeping the drinks coming, and we're more attractive than you would expect.

I was sitting at a pretty raucous table, which was having a great time, gambling a lot, and cussing a whole lot. Floor guy was just entirely too focused on the "no cussing" rule, and ran off a couple of wealthy fish over a couple of F bombs......come on floor guy....lighten up.

$2 per hour, plus high hand jackpot, plus bad beat jackpot...those are great incentives (a guy at my table hit the Royal Flush HH jackpot for $2036 on Sat night)

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