The Linq Hotel & Casino formerly The Quad / Imperial Palace

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5 Tables
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3_Olives wrote a review about The Linq in Las Vegas, NV

Where are the sandwiches???

The room is large and comfortable. The other descriptions on this site were acurate. The room is off of a hallway. There are very few slot machines around; thus it is not very loud. I enjoyed that part the most. The tables were large and well built. I could have pulled up a lazy boy to the table and still had room. There were a few big screens and the comps $3 per hour helped pay for food. The "Sandwich tray" was not available while I was playing. The cookies and coffe bar were good though.

We played a $40 tournament and the competition was beatable. My brother got 2nd place for 3 1/2 hours work and won $600. I got knocked out in 14th just as a group of 8 people all couples came in. They all sat at a table together and were easy picking. I played them with another guy and we each left up $150 at a $3-6 table for just under 2hours work. It was fun.

They all had a good sense of humor even while dealing the tournament. They were more polsihed than I expected after reading the reviews on this site.

OMG!!! Very Nice...ugh...Service, yes thats it...service. Not the place to take your wife to play for the first time. A great place for guys. Think Tuxedo Coat with tails, made for a four year old...then imagine a beautiful 25-30 year old blonde wearing it with nothing else. They were talented. The service was great, my beer was always full. I drank more than I wanted too, just to see the cocktailers again. OMG!!!

Made you feel at home and helped with the comps.

$3 per hour very nice!

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