The Linq Hotel & Casino formerly The Quad / Imperial Palace

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snakeyes wrote a review about The Linq in Las Vegas, NV

Worst Players, Worst Dealer, Best Cookies

The "room" is a cordoned off section of hall upstairs from the casino. It is a non-smoking room, but one can smoke just outside the ropes so the room can get smoky. One feature I like about the tables is they are the size of an aircraft carrier. The space at the table is nice but the tables are crammed together so movement between them is difficult. One bad feature of teh talbes is the rails sit pretty low so cards often end up on the floor. When I was last there, there were four 2-4 tables going and two 1-2 NL tables ($100 max buy-in).

These people suck (in a good way). I was playing NL with a rock, a guy dressed like Vanilla Ice, 4 college kids, and my buddy. Vanilla ice had more tells than Enquirer, you always knew when he was drawing by the pained way he called your bet and he ALWAYS called no matter what. The rock only played past the flop when he hit it and the college kids were concentrating on getting drunk. I was up $280 in about 2 hours before the WORST DEALER IN AMERICA chased me off the table.

Most dealers were average somewhat friendly but not very experieced. However, at one point a 90 year old man sat down to deal at may table. His first deal he dealt three cards to the small blind, re-deal. His second deal he only gave one card to the dealer, re-deal. We were playing NL and finally we all ended up with two cards each and started a hand. The action after the flop was checked to the guy to my right who threw out a $5 chip. I folded to the button who asked the dealer what the bet was. The dealer said the bet was $2? How a $5 chip turns into a $2 bet in a NL game I don't know. At this point I decided I could not stand to play with this dealer and cashed out.

Waitresses were not lookers but the drinks came about every 15 minutes.

Management quickly started a no limit game when they had enough players, but some idiot hired the dealer mentioned above.

I don't know about the comps but the room has free sandwitches (OK) and cookies layed out for the players. These cookies RULE! I am not kidding, the cookies are worth the trip to this place. There is a high hand promotion where if you get a royal flush you win dinner for two at one of the restaurants in the Imperial Palace (good luck with that).

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