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Fisherman007 wrote a review about TI Poker Room in Las Vegas, NV

Best Poker Room I Visited

Smaller room but had a great atmosphere. The staff greeted everyone with a smile and by name and made you feel at home.

I played in the 1-3NL game which seemed to have a good variety of players. I did not encounter too many familiar faces during my 4 day visit so I am assuming they were mostly tourists.

There were no mistakes while I was there. The dealers were the best I have seen in the poker rooms of Vegas and definitely the most memorable. They all had great personalities and just seemed to want to be there unlike a few other spots I visited during my stay.

The waitresses were above average looking and brought drinks at a decent pace.

I put most of my hours in from 8pm-3am and management was very friendly on both shifts. They were quick to fill seats as they opened, and never hesitated to start new games once a list started to form. I witnessed two drunk players on two different nights get removed from the room and management handled it well.

They offered $2.00/hr in comp dollars and a high hand jackpot for the two highest hands of the day. I cannot remember the amounts but it wasnt too much however a dealer told me that they were working on a progressive jackpot. I have nothing but great things to say about the ti poker room and thats not just because I did extremely well there! Kudos on the hiring, your staff truly made all the difference in the room!

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jb218 wrote a review about TI Poker Room in Las Vegas, NV

Quality Game

I stayed here in February 2014, and played 2 sessions. The room was somewhat small, but not too crowded so the size... Read More