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joel1968 wrote a review about TI Poker Room in Las Vegas, NV

I Want To Like this Room But I Just Can't

The physical room is nice. Chairs comfortable, tables new, cup holders, shufflemasters, etc. Nice decor, dark but inviting. The one thing that drives me insane is the noise that comes in from the hallway. It can be bad at times since the room is by the Mystere theatre and it tends to be amplified since the ceilings are low and the room is relatively small. I would suggest creating a way to reduce the noise.

The usual "but it was suited" and "I had an ace, I had to call" excuses when players hit their hands on the river and suck out. All too often the players aren't playing poker, they are playing craps with cards. If I want to play play craps, I'll find a craps pit.

Pretty good dealers. Young, nice, friendly...I keep thinking most of them are paying their way through school. Pots right, dealt quickly, easy to talk to...the best thing about TI's room.

Service is pretty slow, and the girls seem cranky.

I hate to say this, since I've met Danette and like her, but this is TI's biggest downfall. I play in the evenings after work, and each time I've played there the staff is confused and seemed to focus on the tourneys and forgetting the cash games, slow to provide fills to the dealers, causing mixups with the lists. I called ahead to get on the list for the 1-3 NL game. I was told that there was no list but they'd put me on it anyway. When I get there, the tables were full and I would be first on the list. A seat opened up and I found the seat taken by someone who wasn't even on the list. The response when I brought this up to Josh (?), the manager on duty? "Oops...sorry". That's all, no attempt to correct the mistake, no consideration, no nothing. NOT ACCEPTABLE. The girl working that evening (I forgot her name) gave the impression I was being a bother because I wanted to order food at the table. Also NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Nice high hand jackpots, and the $2 an hour on the player's card is better than the rest. Bring back the splash pots and it will be perfect.

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jb218 wrote a review about TI Poker Room in Las Vegas, NV

Quality Game

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