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esulacrosse wrote a review about TI Poker Room in Las Vegas, NV

TI's new room

Great room. It is smaller room, in that it only has 8 tables. However, TI did it right. They did not try to cram another 1 or 2 tables in it. They spaced it out just right. 8 tables and 8 plasma screens, nice combo. They have music (top 40 type music) playing but they changed it to a baseball game upon request. The tables each have 2 good looking girls in scimpy clothing...nice.

Overall, considering that the room is not going to have its grand opening until the next Saturday, I was impressed that the room was running as smooth as it was.

It's a new room and almost all of the players were players that were staying in TI. Basically, a bunch of tourists looking to try poker. Only a few had a clue.

As mentioned previously, new dealers. A few mistakes here and there, but nothing that couldn't be fixed right away. They all seemed very nice and looked like they were having a good time. I switched tables 3 times during my session and each dealer made it a point to ask if I had a players card to earn comps.

The girls are good looking. When I was there, they only had one for the room (I thought it would be a long wait for a drink), but it was not as bad as I thought.
One cool thing about the room. I asked the dealer where the cocktail waitress was and he hit a button on the table (it sends something somewhere (beeper?) to let the girls know that a player at table (?) needs a drink. She came like 10s later, coincedence, probably, but still cool.

A few player lists were visible. I said that I wasn't sure if I wanted to play or just watch and he said that if I was interested in playing later, that I could check the waitlist from my room. I live in Vegas, so I wasn't able to check that out. Pretty cool feature. They asked me about having a player's card (like the dealers). Other than that, I didn't have any interactions with management.

You earn $1/hour. There is no food at the tables, so the they don't have free food in the room. One thing I don't like is the lack of high hand jackpot/bad beat jackpot. As I was leaving, they made an announce of a player getting a TI poker t-shirt for getting quad Kings. One player asked about it and she said that they may add jackpots later, but there is no time frame. I've haven't hit a @#$% jackpot yet so I am probably saving money anyway :(

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jb218 wrote a review about TI Poker Room in Las Vegas, NV

Quality Game

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