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Bobbo wrote a review about Venetian Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV

The Venetian is a First Class Act!

This 11,000 square foot room exudes class from the outstanding decor from lighting to carpeting to the great poker action. Located just to the left when entering the main entrance, there is a regular desk and a tournament desk. Player lists are shown on several of the 30 plasma TV's around the room. The poker tables are first class with elegant beige leather and tan felt, brass drink holders, betting lines, automatic shufflers--and extremely comfortable hydraulic chairs. However, what sets The Venetian apart is the spacing between the tables which is the opposite of the cramped Bellagio tables and ridiculous chairs which bump into each other. Bear in mind this was the very first week of operation. I played for four evenings about 6-7 hours each night and thoroughly enjoyed myself. The floor people were extremely accomodative in taking players to an open seat--and having chip runners rush chips back to the table. Perhaps due to the class of the room, I noticed a better dressed quality of player--not as much grunge as other rooms. Food service is offered tableside and one can order from the Grande Lux Cafe everything from terrific sandwiches to pizza. When I return in October, I will definitly play here as it is a fantastic and impressive room.

With the lowest game of 4-8, this keeps away the newbies and fresh fish. Although there were tourists for certain, there were plenty of locals and very solid players. Fortunately, I am solid and wound up a winner on three of four nights. No doubt the 20-40 and 2-5 NL games are tougher than normal.

Except for one very new dealer, I thought the others were as good as anywhere. Yes, they have had to hire new dealers in a very competitive environment for dealers, but The Venetian has a solid group of dealers. They over-hired to start with 12++ dealers sitting around Saturday evening. I envision their strategy is to prune the weaker dealers from the many they now have which will leave them with a solid staff. The fastest and best dealer I saw was Lance (who I remembered from Harrah's and Trump (East Chicago, IN) who dealt about 22+ (average 15) hands per down--fastest dealer I have ever seen. Great personalities, friendly, engaging and full of smiles and good humor.

Tops. Over four evenings the cocktail staff was outstanding--hovering over each table, taking orders and promptly bringing your drinks. Good looking and fine outfits, but below the Wynn's staff which appears to be Playboy models. Served in large glasses and all types of bottle beer too. Tip them well because they earn their tips.

Like the dealers it appears that they have overhired management because they were all over the room. Attentive floor personnel right on the spot for a decision. The floor would even run chips back to the table! The Tournament Manager at night (gary I think was excellent. I spoke with him once wanting a $70 SNG and he came back to me to tell me how the list was building and when it would go. CUSTOMER SERVICE seems to be the watchword on how everyone is trained. Excellent experience and management added to it.

With the Player's Card you log in and out to receive $1.00/hour in food comps good for the poker room only. What's not to like about that? Such a deal!

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June Card of the Month = Sixes

$1,000 awarded to anyone who flops quads or a straight flush utilizing the card of the month in their hand (quads must be a pocket pair and both hole cards must play for a straight flush). $600 awarded if they turn or river quads or a straight flush utilizing the Card of the Month in their hand.

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