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Dkubis wrote a review about Venetian in Las Vegas, NV


Little disappointed playing in this poker room for the first time. Actually first time playing in Vegas. Only went here because of the reviews.

Could not believe how unprofessional the dealers were and the how the floor solves problems. First my first three dealers had different rules about the betting line. Loosely enforced, not used at all, and it’s a soft betting line. Well, which is it? Poorly enforce rules, guaranteed foreign language of some sort will be spoken at the table. One Belgium couple was told by five different dealers English only. They started speaking again every time they got a new dealer.

So much wasted time during the hands and in between hands. Dealer doesn’t keep the action going, players take way too long on their hand deciding to check or bet. It’s not rocket science and we’re only playing 1/2. Does everyone think we’re on TV? There was one dealer that pushed the game but the rest were fine just sitting there. Also, I don’t know how many times we were interrupted by the floor for the dealer to count his chips. Just count the chips when you first sit down before you deal your first hand. If you’re short, you’re short and falls on the previous dealer. Stop stopping the game to count the chips after you’ve already started dealing.

Protect your cards? One dealer was so distracted by having to count his chips he killed a hand of a player right next to him and through them into the muck even though they were heads up. He then trusted the player by taking the cards out of the muck for him instead of calling the floor. Rule #1, player responsible for protecting his hand.

There’s one floor that’s really rude to players. So in dealing with these lame disputes, the floor basically tells the player to shut the F up while he’s listening to the dealer. There is a nicer way to say it.

Why are we playing 1/2 NL with green and black chips? The dealer would literally issue you three black chips when you have to buy in again. Literally half the table playing with five red chips and a couple greeen and black. Way too big of a denomination for 1/2 with max $300 buy-in. The dealer expects the players to make change all day long. Occasionally chip runner would make change but we’d be relying on other players to make change for us.

Bad beat jackpot capped at $20k? What a joke. With quads or better it happens so infrequently. What is the casino using the rest of the player promotion funds for?! Seriously? Royal flush? They’d be at a $1m surplus in less than a year. At $1 each pot, they’re stealing from the players. I’m sorry, the math does not work out and they know it.

Last but not least, no intermediate game between 1/2 and 2/5. There should be a 1/3 so we’re not stuck with all the foreigners/tourists and the sharks. If you think the sharks are not on the 2/5 then you’re pretty mistaken. 1/2 is entry level and it’s painful sitting there for hours with all these new people.

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