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Instafold2000 wrote a review about Venetian in Las Vegas, NV

You stay classy, Venetian.

Super nice, very clean, the tables are well spread out. When I played it seemed like the senior circuit was there. Maybe it was just the time of day. The tables are some of the biggest I have ever sat at. It took binoculars to get a read on my opponents across the table. The chairs are comfortable. The floor guy/chip runner helped me find my seat, I think his name was Billy. I tipped him on the way out because he was nice, the other management, not so much (see below).

Little bit of both.

Didn't speak much but that is fine with me.

Ok so, this whole thing really isn't a big deal but since I played many rooms on my trip, it's worth mentioning. I don't really mind being told to walk to a table only to find it full. They sent me to the very very back table and it was full, no biggie. I went back up and told him it was full and he put me back on the list. As I was walking back up I noticed another person walking back to the same table, and after I put my name on the list he was walking back up. He walked up to the manager and said "is this a joke! That table was full." Well because he was an @#$% to the management they took the next seat available before me. After a couple of more minutes a floor guy/chip runner took me to a chair. After a couple of button rounds they started calling my name over and was funny. Not a deal breaker but I've never had that problem before really.

Not really anything special I can recall here. I don't believe they any kind of jackpots or bad beats.

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Announcements from Venetian Casino

May Promotion (May 1-31, 2024)

10:00 AM - 12:00 AM daily every 30 minutes

Have the High Hand in the poker room during any thirty (30) minute qualifying period from 10:00am - 12:00am daily, and you will be awarded a High Hand Giveaway cash prize based on the game type you are playing.
Limit and $1-3 NLH Players = $200
$2-4 NLH Players = $400
$3-5 NLH Players = $800


May Card of the Month = FIVES

$1,000 awarded to anyone who flops quad’s or a straight flush utilizing the card of the month in their hand (quads must be a pocket pair and both hole cards must play for a straight flush). $600 awarded if they turn or river quad’s or a straight flush utilizing the Card of the Month in their hand.

See Official Rules for Details

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