WSOP Poker Room at Bally's formerly Wild Wild West Casino

The Hammer wrote a review about WSOP at Bally's in Atlantic City, NJ

poker room? poker gloom

Played in the 25k guarantee as well as cash.

very very disappointed with this "room". To call it a poker "room" is a misuse of the term. Poker lobby is more like it. The tournament was set up in what was once a slot area. The tables are all the old bally and caesar tables from their closed rooms. My 1st dealer had to change his chair 2x's, each being broken. Their "PR" claimed millions in renovations with state of the art accommodations. Not sure who's pocket the millions might have gone into... but fresh paint doesnt cost millions. Their new LCD TVs seemed to be 32 inchers. no millions there. WSOP signage - no millions there either.

The cash game was in a "room" but the room is actually 2 different rooms with one room being more of a large alcove. Again - old tables , old chairs, nothing matches. Even with fresh paint - poker "room" looks gloomy.

service: one waitress was great! they should make her VP/general mgr of service. The other was horrible. The good waitress bought 2 cups of coffee when asked for 1. The bad one disappeared for an hour when food was ordered.

play: the only good thing at wild west was their guarantee and the number of players. lots of turnout and lots of action. nice.

poker room staff: YUK- the tournament start was 11 AM . NO cards out, no chips out, staff looked confused as to who was supposed to do what.

Would I go back? yes- but only because of guarantee and the number of players.

I am surprised that the WSOP would allow their name on this room. This is not a world class room.

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