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  1. Vegas Trip January 6-9 - CES Time

    Just got back from Vegas yesterday after playing almost non-stop hold'em for the last 2.5 days. I played around 24.5 hours total (I kept...

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Mandaly Bay - 1/6/05

Good room but not too big, maybe around 10 tables. Right next to the sports book which could present problems on a... Read More

Binions's 1/7/05

Pretty much dedicated to poker. Was a little dark but didn't affect ability to play. Played in the daily 2pm... Read More

Bellagio on 1/8/05

Excellent ambience and atmosphere except that it was very crowded. I will not deduct too much for this because this... Read More

Harrah's 1/6-1/8/05

Nice since it was enclosed, also had computer screens which showed the waiting list which was very helpful. Easy but... Read More