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Grumby24 wrote a review about Harrah's Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV

Harrah's 1/6-1/8/05

Nice since it was enclosed, also had computer screens which showed the waiting list which was very helpful.

Easy but very annoying when I played limit hold'em since it was cheap for them to chase a draw and beat my pocket Aces consistently. Should have moved up to no limit but was too tired and wouldn't be able to think too quickly.

I would say just below exellent but close enough to give it to them. Most of them were very friendly and were also good at dealing. I don't recall any that I didn't like.

Waitresses were hideous looking and a little slow and forgetful.

Good for the most part. The floor manager was really confused though when I asked if I could sit at a $2/$4 limit table while waiting for a seat at the no-limit table to open up. The women at the front desk (Sharin?) was extremely friendly.

Didn't seem to have much.

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