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  1. Quick poker trip for NYE and on to the Rose Bowl (LONG!)

    Vegas/Rose Bowl Trip report. 12/30/09 Flight in: I have a flight on Southwest out of Midway Airport at 9:15 am. So the plan is to kee...
  2. Trip for AVP meetup

    I woke up on time for my 9:40 am flight out of Chicago on Friday morning. The only problem was that I couldn’t hear out of my right ear....

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Played at Aria 8/26-8/29

The Aria is a top-tier room and it shows. The Aria (along with Venetian and Bellagio) has the best chairs in town. ... Read More

A very nice poker parlor

The room is separated from the gaming floor on three sides, which makes the room feel much more intimate, hence the... Read More