The Linq Hotel & Casino formerly The Quad / Imperial Palace

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5 Tables
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redright88 wrote a review about The Linq in Las Vegas, NV

The good, the bad, and the ugly

The poker room in the IP is in the IP, so you will not be surrounded by oppulance. However, the tables are big and roomy, and spaced far enough apart that moving around the room is not any problem. The chairs are standard. The room is separated from the casino floor by a half-wall on three sides and smoking is allowed right at the rail, so if one is very sensitive to smoke, they might be bothered, but its fine for most.

This is a basic entry-level room with basic entry level players. If you know how to play the game you'll be fine. One 'problem' that I found was that a lot of the beginners didn't know hand values, so they ooze strength because they think TPTK is the nuts. I folded more than one winner because of this.

Overall, the dealers in the room are quite good. There are some mistakes, but nothing egregious. Most of the dealers have just the right amount of personality. They are sometimes too slow to prompt an inattentive player. There was a player whose behavior was WAY across the line two nights in a row and I thought the dealers were too slow to get the floor involved on both nights.

Service is fast and friendly. The cocktail waitresses do an excellent job of remembering your drink and are quite easy on the eyes.

Actual calls for rulings during the game were rare, but correct when called for. Floor staff is very attentive about getting players into games and are willing to start short-handed games if the players are willing to play in them. The graveyard floorman handled the abusive player quite well on the first night (once he was called over) - one warning, then 'Rack up. Your done here.' He can also quote Rudy Ray Moore from memory, which just cracks me up. The dual-rate floor-dealer on the second night was not as strong and things went on longer than they should have.

$2/hr that can be used anywhere in the hotel including applied to your room at checkout. You can't beat that rate. Its not the poker room's fault that most of the food there is not very good.

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