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redright88 wrote a review about Bellagio in Las Vegas, NV

Very nice room, but additional brush staff is needed

This room is one of the most well-appointed on the strip, but the tables are too close together. There room has a great atmosphere, once you're seated in a game, but the waits can be longer than they should because there are not enough staff to meet the demand.

If I could give a 2.5 rating I would. Compared to the entry-level NL games in other rooms, the 2/5 NL game is tougher. However, compared to other 2/5 NL games on the strip, this game is generally easier, especially earlier in the evening. As the hour gets late the fluff is busted out and a core of better players tends to remain.

Dealers are highly competent and have (for the most part)enough personality to enhance the game without holding it up.

Due to the business of the room it tends to be a long time between drinks. However, the quality of the drinks is outstanding. If you are ever tired, get a strawberry julius from there - trust me.

The available staff seems to do the best they can, but players can easily feel ignored if they are not congnizant of how busy the room really is. A lot of people say that smaller stakes players are ignored, but I think the issue is that there is only one brush for the smaller stakes (i.e., 2/5 and 5/10) NL games and one for the smaller stakes limit games. THere is also only one for the higher stakes limit games and one for the higher stakes NL games, but the volume of players at those stakes is much smaller.

There really are none.

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