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Whatjoker wrote a review about WSOP-com (Nevada)

I still can't believe what happened

I joined the online wsop when I was pretty new to the game. Sure, I'd played a little but I never played a real money game with strangers. I expected to lose to begin and I did though I did win a place into their big game a couple of times.

Then after doing all I could to get better and realizing those big games are beyond my financial means for re-rebuys I started playing pure cash games instead of tournaments. Then, after a while I actually started winning, it's like my poker light came on and it was great.

By that time more then a year had passed and it was Christmas time so extra cash was a great addition on top of feeling great about finally winning. I went to cash out several hundred. Then, the nightmare began.

They were being difficult to say the least acting like they needed to now investigate me and of course it got frustrating as it would for anyone. They then said they needed to make sure I didn't have a gambling problem and that I would need to talk to one of their "guys" about that.

I couldn't believe it, I told them that they weren't worried about me having any problem in losing money but now that I've won they have a problem? It was unbelievable how rude, mean and nasty they were and I admit I didn't hold back against their terrible conduct. Who would stay quiet when they're pulling that?

I told them to cancel my whole account and give me all the money. They then told me I was barred from having an account forever and even sent me a threatening email.

That's the customer service you get when it's a monopoly.


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