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chzwiz007 wrote a review about WSOP-com (Nevada)

Follow up and change to rating

Ok, I was more than a little harsh on WSOP. But hey, I will never get my full bonus on this site. I may never make it to the first $10 of it.

I went back to get my daily poker fix during the week 17 games. I snooped into the tournaments a bit more. It seems the [G] was on everything. That is supposed to mean they are heads up. I couldn't for the life of me deal with an entire heads up tournament. I have enough trouble with heads up on a final table. @#$%, I have trouble with 4 handed.

Anyway, it turned out they were mis-labeling them and they were actually full tables. So I decided to come back and give them a bump in the rating.

They are the best in Nevada online, for now.

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