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Louisvuitton711 wrote a review about WSOP-com (Nevada)


I've been a member of the app for over 3 years and they are nothing more than crooks and the platform is totally rigged with bots, they recently deleted my account a few minutes after I advised them that I intended on filing a formal gaming board complaint and now all of a sudden they refuse to give me my petty $254 that I had in my account, the whole entity is a complete joke, and anyone wants further concrete proof of how they are refusing to pay me my funds that are currently in my account that I'm unable to access, I've been requesting my funds for about 4 weeks now and they keep playing games, on 2 occasions I was contacted and told to go to the cashiers cage at caesars palace to pick up a check, well it turns out that a check doesn't even exist they are just playing games, and it almost seems as if the gaming board is almost allowing this to continue because they are well aware of what's going on, according to a rep at the gaming board Mr. Bower or boyer, he stated that I would have already been paid if I wouldn't have made a gaming board complaint... so basically retaliation... and that's a person that works for the gaming board telling me that I'm being punished for making a complaint... it seems as if they are all crooks at the end of the day... anyone that wants more info I will gladly tell you more about this problem email anytime at Watchesgrow at gmail . com and I'll gladly explain more facts that I have regarding this matter, which could Possibly help you from getting ripped off like I did on the WSOP APP while the gaming board basically condones this behavior, it's sickening

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XVB wrote a review about WSOP-com (Nevada)

Sketchy site

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pkmatteo wrote a review about WSOP-com (Nevada)


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AA4u wrote a review about WSOP-com (Nevada)

Cashout issues.

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