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Bullitt5135 wrote a review about Binion's in Las Vegas, NV


Pretty dead for 11PM on a Thursday night. I sat at a short-handed 3-6 limit table. Also had 2-4 limit and 1-2 NL going. Most of the tables were empty, though it is a large room. The place oozes with can feel the ghosts. I've played here one other time when the room was full due to a big tourney, and the vibe was a lot better. I won a few pots and lost a few, then left +$2. I'd come back if there were were more tables going.

At my 3-6 limit table, there were a couple tourists with skills, a couple experienced locals waiting for seats at 1-2 NL, and a surly biker dude with earphones that tried way too hard to intimidate me with his death stare of doom. Seriously dude, it's 3-6. I played for about 45 minutes, then decided short-handed and uber-serious wasn't what I was in the mood for. Everyone at the table seemed to be above average, though the action was pretty slow and cautious.

These guys have been around a while and know what they are doing.

Waitress was on top of things.

No complaints to speak of. Got me seated quickly.

Can't say.

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