Binion's Casino formerly Binion's Horseshoe

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6 Tables
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Grange95 wrote a review about Binion's in Las Vegas, NV

Hidden gem of a poker room

Rumor has it the room was recently renovated, and if so, they did a nice job. Room is nicely set off from main casino floor, but still easy to find. Tables look nice, good spacing, comfy chairs. Room has good lighting and a comfortable, friendly vibe. If you are looking for a poker room off the usual Strip suspects, give this room a try!

Players at my table (Sunday night) were mostly locals who were racking up hours for the monthly freeroll tourney. Skill level was average to decent, but play was very tight-passive. The 2/4 LHE table seemed more action-oriented.

Dealers were overwhelming highly skilled, with great personalities. These guys and gals could hold their own anywhere.

Nothing about drink service stuck out, good or bad. My diet cokes were delivered in a reasonable time and the waitress came through fairly often.

Management did a nice job and was professional and friendly, but then again, there were only 3 tables going.

I was told comps were tracked on a Binion's card, but given no information how to get a card. There is a monthly freeroll tourney which is irrelevant to tourists. Not sure about food comps or hourly comps, but heard no discussion of them. Nothing posted about HHJs. The talk among the locals was all about the dang freeroll and how they chop it, so that must be the primary comp.

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