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growlers wrote a review about Binion's in Las Vegas, NV

Horrible atmosphere, but easy to win

The poker room is large, and during the 10 hours I played (2 sessions) they opened and closed many tables, with lots of player turnover. So the good news is that they have alot of different games and you don't really have to wait long for a table. The bad news is that this is the loudest poker room I have every been in. They were constantly screaming over the microphone for players on the list, if a certain table had open spots, etc. They would scream over the loudspeaker at a dealer that was literally 10 feet from the desk to ask if they had a spot. Either walk over and ask or just look! It sounds like a silly complaint, but it really was unbelievable. The tables are in good conditions, the chairs not so much.

Lots of clueless people. Had at least one person at the table at all times that didn't understand the bet doubles on the turn, etc. Most of the time very loose passive, but sometimes somebody would fly in that was aggressive a ratch things up for little while (until they lost their money). I lost with pocket AA to a guy who called a capped (yes capped) bet preflop with 72 offsuit and called raises all the way until he rivered a gutshot straight. "I always play to the river with 7 2 offsuit - it's my lucky hand." I almost vomited.

It is a mix of younger relatively inexperienced people that are kinda fun but make mistakes and fossils that won't take crap from anyone. Kinda blah.

This was the only area that was truely horrid. They rarely came around, wouldn't pick up the empties (!) when they brought your drink unless you handed it to them first. The floor was littered with empties because of this. The waitress once brought me two bottles of beer at a time because "I am really slow today so don't know when I'll be around" This is good or bad depending on your perspective. The also had no holders so somebody dumped a beer on the table which killed 10 minutes.

Mixed feelings here - they kept the table turning over and got you seated fast, but again that screaming over the loudspeaker was just perplexing.

Validated my parking for 4 hours, no bad beat jackpots, I didn't ask for food so don't know about that one.

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