Binion's Casino formerly Binion's Horseshoe

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6 Tables
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foofighter wrote a review about Binion's in Las Vegas, NV

Its Great

Yes, its older than some of the large strip poker rooms, but its large. There is plenty of room to get around. Its away from all the loud "casino" crap. You can go outside and take a break. If there were just minor updates, it would be a 5.

Many locals. However, once you figure out who is who, you can take advantage of it. Most people are just there to say they played at the shoe, an most are not very good. Many older tight/weak players. When they bet they have it. Simple to run over most of them.

The dealers are top notch. They might not be the talking type, but they do their job. I have never had an issue with a dealer there.

OK, some are older than the casino itself. Other than that, its a bit slow, but I do not drink alcohol when playing, so its no big deal. I am sure its slow for the players wanting to get drunk for free.

Best in town. These guys are approachable, kind, and run the game like its suppose to be run. They do not put up with any BS from players or dealers. They have a perfect balance of kindness and authority. Very good.

Have no clue, not worth my time to attempt as I bounce from place to place when I visit. I am only in Vegas once a month, and its not worth the effort in my opinion to check into comps.

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