Binion's Casino formerly Binion's Horseshoe

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Maturin wrote a review about Binion's in Las Vegas, NV

Old School Cool

Room is "average" but since it is Binions it's cool. It wouldn't be the same if they glam'd it up. Pretty dim and dingy but it fits the place.

NLH: Played all day. Table dynamics changed and was predictable by time of day... meaning the rocks play early while the evening - midnight hours get a mixed bag of everything and a little wilder. It didn't get too high octane. One schmuck was re-buying like a crack-head; I wasn't fortunate enough to get some. I am no regular so it could have been that night. Table seemed 33% chaser/caller; 33% decent but readable but still capable; 1-2 to really watch.

They dealt. They didn't suck--they weren't outstanding (outstanding criteria means that above and beyond dealing, being personable,etc., they move the game along). They were OK.

The gal was quick and a study in the art of multi-tasking.

Floor wasn't called too much, even at tables around me, so I can't comment on that part. Getting on the list was no prob, but the guy was kind of a @#$%. I don't need a smiling upbeat hyper spazz, but he was a bad mix of bored and aggravated at being there or at life in general. So I'll blame the management for putting Mr. Attitude in the limelight.


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