Binion's Casino formerly Binion's Horseshoe

Poker Tables:
6 Tables
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tel1 wrote a review about Binion's in Las Vegas, NV

QQ saved my session

Iliked the room, there was plenty of room between the tablesand the dealers were good.
Had to wait 15mins for a seat at 3-6 limit

the table i was on there were 6 tight locals 2 average and 1 lady who didn't have a clue. i was downto about $45 out of my $100 when my wife came to get me. i played one more hand and picked up QQ. i raised lady reraised 3 others called i reraised 5 in the pot. flop came Q rag,rag 2 clubs lady i raised Lady kept reraiseing other 3 kept calling. turn 4th Q clubs. once again lady kept raising. i ran out of money went all in. anyway in the end i pick ed up a very nice pot thanks to the fishy lady who had 2 pr.

dealers good no mistakes

A bit slow

Sat people at table quickly

no comps that i know of. No high hand jackpot

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