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bigdog wrote a review about Binion's in Las Vegas, NV

Surpirsed by 11 P.M. Tournament not listed

Poker tables,chairs and chips where just average in condition.

Wife & I where going to play cash; I had to wait for a seat at the 1/2 NL table, she took the open seat at 2/4. Then we hear them anounce a tournament starting at 11 P.M. for a $70 buyin with 5K in chips. We cashed out played that. Most of the players knew what they where doing, and I'd put them at average to tough. We both make the final table :)), and the wife hits me hard for some chips :(( then losses a race with the chip leader when her pocket 7s from the BB ran into overs from the chip leader who was UTG and lead out. I told her she should have seen the flop, and then pushed representing a set. On the break the massive chip leader now agreed that he would have folded since he missed the flop. We ended up doing a 3 way chop, and I cashed.

Only giving a average here because some of the dealer's personalities seemed like they would rather besome where else. It could have been late in thier shifts, but in a tournament with hand shuffles, slow movers I just don't like with 20 minute levels. One would also pull each bet towards the center of the table, so it was hard to tell which players where in the hand.

They made the rounds and drinks where correct from what I saw and heard, nothing outstanding to look at, but service was what I expected.

Both check in desk and touranment desk handled everything well. Wish they used a P.A. that could be hear in the front of the house. Touranment Director had to make a tough ruling: the final table was going on a break, and the black 100 chips where being colored up, Brad the TD made the annoucement again (as he had at the start, and all breaks) that all chips where to remain on the table, one player thought since he did not have any black chips to color up he could pocket his chips. He was disquailfied, and his chips removed from play. Way to go Brad on a tough but clear cut ruling.

Since we where only playing that night, did not worry about the comps, but knew them from the site.

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