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Sonerb81 wrote a review about Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV

Terrible Management/Room full of regulars

Room is filled with regulars which is OK. However they will let regulars jump the line and take seats in front of people that have been waiting there. (Not the diamond thing. I have a diamond card as well)

I added my name to the list and there were two players ahead of me that were present and two call ins. One player whom the lady working at the front greeted by his name immediately jumped the line and took a seat which was supposedly unavailable up to that point. I looked at the list again at that point to make sure he wasn’t there prior to his arrival and I was right. The list stayed exactly the same.

I ask her how many people are in the list ahead of me and she responds with “huh” and “a couple”. Fine. I wait a few more minutes and another person walks in and is greeted by her by his name and immediately takes a seat at another table. Somehow these seats just appear out of nowhere for the regulars.

I look at the list just to make sure it wasn’t one of the call ins or the people ahead of me and I notice that the list is the exactly the same.

I leave the room after being called nasty and rude which is very ironic considering her behavior and choice of words.

While she calls my name next for an open seat, I decide that it’s not worth playing here. I leave. There are so many better rooms on the strip, it’s silly to waste my time here.

Food and Drink

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